Michael Hall Mauritzen was born in 1981, Copenhagen, Denmark. As a child he loved to draw, and later found that he was able to express his ideas through his drawings. Michael attended a classical drawing school for 7 months in Copenhagen in 2001/2002. Later he attended The Drawing Academy in Viborg and the following year, in 2004, he was admitted to the Bachelor of Arts in Character Animation program at The Animation Workshop.

In June 2007 Michael finished his first animated short film “A Day In The Life”, on which he worked as director, scriptwriter, animator, storyboard artist, layout artist and compositor.
As part of his education and in collaboration with The National Film School of Denmark he spent 3 months animating on the midway short film “Enten Eller Intet”.
On his graduation film "Bertram" he participated with concept designs, storyboarding, character animation and compositing.

In the fall 2007 he worked as an intern at the Danish animation studio Krogh Mortensen Animation A/S for 4 months.

Michael passed his final exam at The Animation Workshop January 2008.

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